The Emblem

The Lily symbolizes Mary and the three stars symbolize purity, truth and goodness. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ to whom the school is dedicated, is a model of these virtues. SMA stands for the full name of the Institution: ST. Mary of the Angels.

St. Marry’s Convent Sr. Secondary School

School Anthem

St. Mary’s gave us all, With hands made ready
She gave us more than gold, Lives strong and steady.

So we will sing of you, St. Mary’s our mother true
St. Mary’s we love you, St. Mary’s we love you
No matter what we do, No matter where we roam
In St. Mary’s heart we’ve found, An everlasting home.

Thanks to Alma mater, For virtues imbibed here
Goodness, truth, purity, All these we’ll remember.
And now we give you thanks, For all we have and are
We know you’ll guide us well, Until we’ve crossed the bar.