principal Dask
Dear St. Marians,
Greetings to all teachers, parents, students and all well- wishers of St. Mary’s family. As I commence my journey as the new Principal of this great institution, I express my gratitude to God and thank all the great former principals of this institution who have contributed  to carry on the legacy of the school. I’m delighted that you are part of  our amazing learning community. I welcome and value your cooperation to keep the motto of the school ‘EXCELSIOR’ means ‘Higher’ to strive for the best. I look  forward to work with you  and your wards.

The pandemic struck like a bolt of lightning, sudden and lethal. It has disrupted life as we all know. Disruptions can be seen everywhere. The misery caused to people is untold. The hardest hit has been those who do not have resources to fall back on to.  Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the Education of children around the world. With the enforcement of strict social distancing measures and school closures in many countries, there has been rapid widespread and potentially permanent changes to traditional modes of teaching and learning.

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, but it doesn’t have to solely occur through age-old methods. The pandemic has transformed the Centuries- old, chalk- talk teaching model to one driven by technology.  In the face of a crippling pandemic, technology has emerged as a major lifesaver. Amongst many institutions schools have also shifted their base to virtual platforms to conduct classes online. The sudden shift to digital learning had a drastic effect on teachers, parents and students.

The teachers were suddenly faced with the challenge of how to continue their student’s education. Though it seemed to be a daunting task, the teachers equipped themselves with continuous updating, learning and improvement. The process indeed has enabled them to impart knowledge to their students.

I am deeply indebted to all my teachers for their whole hearted support and co-operation in carrying out online classes successfully for the past eight months. They have been able to engage students and keep an eye on their progress.

I am grateful to you dear parents for your support and ever willing spirit to cooperate with the management in providing the best education for your ward.

 Let us acknowledge the pandemic, problematic though it is, also provides many possibilities for growth. It is an eye opener to humanize us and orient us to God, one another and Mother earth.

Lastly, I would like to say that education is a process of waking up to life and its mysteries, to its solvable problems and the ways to solve the problems, to celebrate the mysteries of life. The full flowering of the human on this earth is the goal education. I am confident that with the help of God, with the dedicated staff and with the support of all the stakeholders, we will be able to achieve the greater heights in the society.

Sr. Amitha