These traditions are little things in themselves, but they have great values. The desire to observe them must come from within and must be genuine; only then can one’s character be formed.


  • In our school we take pride in the following traditions.
  • Always to be friendly with one another in and out of school.
  • To avoid vulgarity in our talk and behaviour.
  • To accept whatever work is assigned to us as our rightful share.
  • To offer help to any unattended visitors we happen to meet in the school premises.
  • To stand up and show due respect when any Father, Sister, Teacher or a visitor enters any room in which we happen to be.
  • To be courteous to and sportsman-like with opposing teams and with officials.
  • To respect the rules of the library and the rights of other students using it.
  • To respect the beauty of the school premises and to report any damage which we may observe.
  • To avoid dropping waste papers in the school premises and to pick up any such papers dropped by others.
  • To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere.